2015 Predictions: we are the future

By Ashley Offenbach, staff writer

“Back to the Future Two” was a huge movie released in 1989. In 1989, characters thought 1980’s would be ancient history, and 2015 was far from the future, but 2015 is already here.

One prediction the movie made was there would be power shoelaces in 2015, and that prediction hasn’t come true. Imagine not having to bend down, and using the push of a button and a shoelace is tied. People still have to bend down and tie or velcro shoes, power shoelaces would tie themselves, so this is far from becoming an invention.

A prediction from the movie that has come true is being able to go to a movie theater and watching 3D movies. Although the first ever 3D movie was released in 1922, they were not common until the 1980’s. When they became common in the 1980’s, many people would go and watch 3D movies, but they were far less advanced than they are today. During a small period of time they were very popular, but then because the technology was so poor, they died off fast. Now they make a movie and not long after they remake it in 3D only.

Another prediction that has come true is something used in almost everyday life: tablet computers. Tablet computers are now used on a regular basis, and are an easier way to store information than a laptop.

Gawker.com wrote in a statement, “The tablet featured in the film is much clunkier than the tablets we have today, but the idea is still the same: something small and wireless that people can do cool things with. Like save clock towers. Or play angry birds.”

A huge part of this movie is when the characters rode in flying cars. This is something that is far from coming true. Most people today could not imagine flying cars being invented for many years.

Emily Frost,10, said, “I think it will happen, but not in 2015, because cars are really advancing right now, but not that rapidly. They already have cars that can drive themselves, so they are one step closer to flying cars.”

Another prediction that has yet to come true in 2015 is autofitting or size-adjusting clothes. When the actors put these clothes on, they will adjust to the correct size and fit them perfectly. Imagine going clothes shopping, trying on clothes, and having them automatically turn into the correct size. That would make clothes shopping a lot easier.

One of the biggest predictions the movie made, and perhaps the most true prediction,is the obsession with electronics. Some families struggle with sitting down to eat and not having a phone out, and others watch TV while they eat. This generation can’t imagine a TV without basic cable, Netflix, or regular cable, tablets, and phones.

Although “Back to the Future Two” made some crazy predictions that haven’t come close to true, some of the predictions were crazily accurate. Even though this movie was released in 1989, the cast and crew had a somewhat well-fitting idea of how we would live today.

Doc Emmett Brown said, “We are descending toward Hill Valley, California,at 4:29pm, on Wednesday, October 21, 2015.”

Time to start the “Back to the Future” countdown. Starting now.


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