I am second

Story by: Logan Jennings, staff writer
Photo provided by: Carrie Hanneman

I am second

There is a new club in the school that is open for everybody. Members meet every other Wednesday in Mr. Soden’s room. I am Second is a club that is about putting God first, and yourself second.

In the meetings, members watch  videos about people who gave their life to Christ and then reflect on it. The people in the videos vary a great deal.

One week members watched Brian Welch, the former member of the band Korn, who had a crippling drug addiction. He talked about how he could not function without drug use. He went to church one day and thought what was preached was a good idea, but after he the service he was planning on using again. He was sitting with drugs right in front of him, but then he prayed for God to help him get through his addiction. The prayer ended up working and Welch quit his band Korn and drugs. Now he is trying to live for God, instead of the numerous vices he used to have.

There are many other stories from people like Albert Pujols, a famous MLB player, who knew there was a God, but had trouble understanding and did not always have faith. Darrell Waltrip was a famous NASCAR Driver whose ego was enormous until a wreck made him look for a real purpose in life.

Another video is about Tim Ross who was molested as a child and had a pornography addiction, but got through it and received fulfillment through the love of Christ and through loving other people.

There are numerous students who are currently in it. One member, Sarah Jones,12, said, “It’s a really good club for kids to get involved in.”

This club is open for everyone who wants to come, members do not even have to be a Christian, they can just check it out for fun. At the end of each meeting, there is usually some kind of snack.


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