Injustice in the justice system

Story by: Shelby Caldwell, staff writer

As a well-developed country, America is home to smart phones, big-screen TVs, and hundred-dollar boots. It is hard to believe that our country also holds quite a few homeless citizens. Los Angeles’ Skid Row is one of the most shocking neighborhoods in the country.

LA’s Skid Row is a 50 block area filled with homeless people and patrolled by over 150 police officers. Many of the inhabitants require mental health professionals, but cannot afford the help that they need.

Skid Row is home to the most recent case of police brutality. A homeless man known only by the nickname of Africa was shot five times and killed by two LAPD officers on March 1. Police were allegedly responding to a reported robbery. When the police tried to take Africa into custody, the officers believed that he tried to reach for one of their gun holsters.

There is a viral video online where viewers can watch the shooting. In the video, a taser and three gunshots are heard.The homeless man died on the ground on Skid Row.

LA’s Skid Row has been the spot of a previous police scandal. Last May, homeless man Carlos Ocana fell from a rooftop after the LAPD tasered him. The 54 year old man died from the fall.

There are already marches and protests in the making for the citizens of Skid Row.

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