Animal testing sucks

Story by: Dakota Fisher, staff writer

Over the last 15 years, the use of animal testing has grown over seventy percent according to researchers from Harvard, Yale and John Hopkins Universities.

Animal testing is cruel and inhumane punishment inflicted on poor, undeserving animals. Many well-known companies including CoverGirl, Herbal Essences, Johnson & Johnson and Axe still test their products on animals. A more complete list of all companies who do so is included in the link below.

“I think that testing things on animals is a terrible idea. Scientists wouldn’t think of endangering humans like that so why should they endanger animals that have no say in their participation in the experiment?” said Mary Fleming, 9.

Animal experimentation is also used to test medications that may or may not be safe for human use. Early scientists such as Aristotle performed experiments on living animals and many people argue that medications or products tested on animals, especially the most commonly used laboratory rat, cannot provide enough evidence to prove it safe for humans due to their inhuman nature and distant relation to humans.

I believe science is used as a sort of shield so scientists don’t feel guilty about what they’re doing.  The main idea of animal testing is common knowledge and no matter how humane companies say their methods are, they are still killing harmless, innocent animals to test their products or medications without the possibility of harming a human.

If animal testing were done humanely and the right precautions and measures were taken that would ensure not only the safety of the people that will buy the product or medicine, but the safety of the animals they use to test them, I would be a supporter. I’m all for scientific advancements and medical achievements, but when it comes to the safety and protection of creatures that cannot protect themselves, I would rather not use those products.

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