Frozen fever

Story by: Claire Dorsch, staff writer

To the part of the world that thought they had all the “Frozen” they were go get, they’re wrong.

Disney recently announced that there will be a short sequel movie to “Frozen” called “Frozen Fever.” It is about Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, and the kingdom of Arrendale preparing for Anna’s birthday.

In the trailer video, Kristoff sets up a banner for Anna’s party, depicting in big and colorful words “Happy Birthday Anna.” Olaf tries eating some of Anna’s special sunflower-themed cake, but is reprimanded by Elsa. Olaf then promptly spits back out the cake from his mouth and places it back on to the birthday cake. There are recurring characters and some new people that the Disney audience.

There are many random scenes that are different and unique to the original “Frozen” movie, but make up a wonderful tale about a group of people putting together something special for someone they care about greatly.

Between the snippets of riding bikes down the halls with baskets, Elsa’s new dress, Oaken singing in the shower, little children made of snow prancing around the castle, and a reappearance of the snow monster created by Elsa, this short, released in early March, is going to be a favorite for all.

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