My experience with Manchester

Story by: Ryan Dockery, Sports Editor

Last October, I submitted to a competition for new musical competitions at Manchester University. After months of waiting I eventually forgot about the competition entirely when I got an email stating that I had won the contest. I try to be a calm person, but I could not even pretend to contain my excitement.

Along with a cash prize, the piece I submitted will be performed at the New Musical Festival at Manchester University. After extensive discussion with the director of Manchester University’s director of choral activities, Debra Lynn, we made a few edits to the piece.

They spent the month of March learning, singing, and perfecting the piece and finally it was premiered on March 28. I traveled nearly two hours there to hear it and it was definitely worth the drive.

I got a cash prize, which was obviously really cool, but I also got to work with the singers and got feedback from everyone. They all wrote comments on their music and I got to keep it, most of them splattered with compliments and encouraging notes.

It was an overall terrific experience and an unforgettable achievement that has been very encouraging of me to continue pursuing the art of composition.

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