Push for the NBA playoffs

Story by: Connor Curts, staff writer

It is April, and that means the National Basketball Association Playoffs are upon us. With only two games remaining for the majority of teams, and just one seed left in the Western Conference, as well as just two in the Eastern Conference, the stage is set for a big finish.

In the East, the Celtics look to be a lock for the 7th seed, and are ahead of both the Indiana Pacers, and the Brooklyn Nets by one game. However, in the case of a tie, the Celtics would receive the 7th seed over the Pacers, as they won the season series.

“As a Pacers fan, I always want to see them succeed, and the only way you can do that, is by making the playoffs,” said Maxwell Nugent, 10.

The Nets also won the season series against the Pacers, and with two games left, Indiana only has two ways to get in. They have to win both of their remaining games and rely on the Nets to lose at least one game. Or they have to win one of their games, and rely on the Nets to lose both of their games.

In the West, the Oklahoma City Thunder are now tied with the New Orleans Pelicans, after a huge loss to the Indiana Pacers. The game kept Indiana’s playoff hopes alive, while diminishing the Thunder’s, as the Pelicans won the season series over them, and hold the tiebreaker.

There are many possible outcomes, but only time will tell which teams are in, and which are out.

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