Senator Menendez living the high life

Story by: Blake Slunaker, staff writer

Senator Robert Menendez was indicted on corruption charges on April 1. Menendez was said to have done political favors in exchange for personal benefits.

Prosecutors have said that Menendez set up a scheme to trade political favors for luxury vacations, golf outings, campaign donations, and expensive flights. The charges that have been brought against him could put him away for 15 years and they put his political future in serious jeopardy.

Menendez, predictably, denied any wrongdoing.

“This is not how I wanted my career to end. Today contradicts my public service career and my entire life,” said Menendez.

These charges against Menendez were well-known, but the 68-page indictment is much more severe than most had known before.

“I think he should be put in jail and is just another slimy politician,” said Maci Whiteman, 11.

The charges that Menendez is facing are serious and could potentially put him away for quite some time. If he is found guilty he will be put in jail and will have a hard time getting re-elected.


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