MV’s got talent

Story by: Maggie Brown, staff writer
Photos by:

Stephani talent show

This school is brimming with talented students, and the time of year has come for them to showcase their abilities.

From singers to piano players to magicians, students from every grade and social clique have emerged to show anyone who’s willing to pay three dollars exactly what they’re made of. The talent show is a place for kids to express themselves by doing what they love, especially those who aren’t involved in activities such as choir and band.

“It’s a lot of fun to have an opportunity to sing at school even though I don’t spend an hour and a half every day in choir,” said Amanda Aguado, 9.

Though there are many people involved in this event with copious amounts of talent, only one from each category can claim the title of division champ, and only one of the many who perform claims the title of grand champ. Who is it this year?

Freshman Vocalist-Dakota Fisher
Varsity Vocalist- Felicity Kratky
Variety Show- Brendan Ware
Guitarist- Stephani McDole
Pianist-Katelyn Shuck
Group Act- Zach Roach & Devon Nelson
Dance- Erica Lohman
Grand Champion- Riley Gendron

Congratulations to the winners, and Mr. Falkenberg hopes to see just as many talented individuals audition next year as he did this year.

talent show

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