The arms of compassion

Story by: Ryan Dockery, Copy Editor

Compassion is one of the the hardest feelings to attain, maintain, and express. People act like they do not care because we are all too self-involved to care about others.

As a Christian, I strive to be as loving as I can, but I fail- a lot. I often get so busy or distracted by the life events or stressful circumstances that are going on in my life and I forget that people need to be loved. However, I am not the only person who is guilty of this. We all fail to express our compassion and love and consideration for one another, and that is just a shame.

If you have read “The Catcher in the Rye,” that has been a driving factor in my eye-opening realization that people miserably fail in this regard. The novel is essentially showing the experience of a depressed boy going through life and basically just observing how overly self-involved people are and that it prevents them from ever caring about anyone but themselves.

Fixing this situation is quite a difficult situation. We, as a people, must be committed enough to one another and making others feel loved. I draw inspiration from Biblical principles like Proverbs 27:17 where it points out that friends are like swords who are meant to sharpen one another. Again in 1 John 4:12  it is said that friends are meant to show the love of God, so why are we not doing this, and how can we start doing this?

Making someone know that they are loved is truly not a difficult task. Sometimes it is easy to buy someone a candy bar or something, but honestly it is even easier than that. Say “hi” to people. Smile at them. Ask them about their day. It is truly a simple concept, with a pathetic execution because it is difficult when put into practice.

Regardless of whether you like the person or not, we should love them. In every regard and every aspect of my interactions, I strive to build more Christ-like relationships and essentially build one another in joy and in hope and in love.


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