Parlez-vous middle school

Story by: Baylie Clevenger, Managing Editor
Photo by: Halee Evans, staff photographer

Spanish photoAlong with delayed starts and Chromebooks there are other innovations occurring at MVHS this year. One of these new improvements  includes an addition of a world language class for the eighth grade.

This program teaches Spanish and French to better prepare students for foreign language classes they may have to take in high school.

The teacher of the program, Mrs. Olivia, taught a world language class for Warren Schools for many years. She also has extensive experience in travelling to Spanish speaking countries.

Since the program is all about getting students ready for high school, it focuses on both French and Spanish. The main information included in the program is, Mrs. Olivia said,  both basic vocab and culture.  

“Language has a lot to do with culture, and when you choose a language, you choose the people,” said Mrs. Olivia.

Another purpose of the program is to make the transition into high school language classes easier. With a little bit of prior knowledge of the language they may choose, it will make foreign language easier. This way French and Spanish classes will not be as daunting for incoming freshmen.

Mrs. Olivia also said that her goal is to help students make educated decisions on what language class to take in high school.

As far as the high school aspect of this class goes, it seems that French teacher Mr. Freeman is rather ecstatic about the program.

“I have had the pleasure of talking at length with Mrs. Oliva.  She has some marvelously creative ways of getting her curriculum across to her students,” said Mr. Freeman. “I am delighted that the Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation has taken this first step in starting to offer world language at the Middle School level.  I’m sure it will do nothing less than increase the interest and involvement of more students in world language at the high school level.”

The class will enable students to take hold of their education as far as world language goes, and the future of world language at Mount Vernon High School, is a bright one.


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