Story by: Baylie Clevenger, Managing Editor
Photos by: Baylie Clevenger, Managing Editor

Baylie's 5SoS 1On August 22 the band 5 Seconds of Summer paid a visit to Klipsch Music Center, and I had the privilege of being able to attend such a fun and entertaining concert.

The concert began after the less-than-impressive opening act, Hey Violet. While I was dissatisfied with the opening act, having mediocre vocals and lyrics, the rest of the concert was stellar.

5 Seconds of Summer opened with their song “End Up Here.” I thought the song was a great choice to open their performance, it was very fun and upbeat and I was impressed.

Baylie's 5SoS 2This concert had the best atmosphere,  there was not only chemistry between the band members, but also between the band and the crowd. It was clear that the band loved being on stage and they were glad to be there performing. They also thanked the crowd multiple times for having them and I thought it was pretty neat that they were so grateful to have been performing for us.

The most impressive part of the concert, by far, was their performance of the song “Wrapped Around Your Finger.” The vocals of Michael Clifford, guitarist, were spectacular and sounded as if he were recorded in a professional studio. The song was also just awe inspiring  and the emotion put into it was astounding.

The only part about the concert I was not pleased with was their decision not to sing “If You Don’t Know,” a fan favorite. The setlist was pretty good, but there were definitely some songs I wish would have been there that were not. Some of them include the first song of theirs I ever listened to, “Heartbreak Girl,” which was replaced by their new single “She’s Kinda Hot.”  I was also sad to find that their song “Never Be,” which is my favorite of all of the 5 Seconds of Summer songs, was missing.

When I can walk out of a concert and hear a large group of complete strangers singing one of the band’s songs together, I know it was a good concert.


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