MVTV gets creative

Story by: Blake Slunaker, Staff Writer
Photos by: Zoe Jenkins, Staff Photographer

MVTV main

Many students at Mt. Vernon are familiar with the program MVTV; however, most students are not aware of what they do. The students who run MVTV do a multitude of things. Some students produce the show and some students anchor it. The students at MVTV also produce a show for Ninestar, a cable company, to run on their channel throughout the day. The show is called Marauder Montage and has the athletic director, Mr. Ecker, on the show to discuss MV sports.

“I like being on the show because it gives us a chance to be creative and do something that’s different and interesting at school,” said Jamaal Nelson, 12.

MVTV 2One of the many projects the students of MVTV are working on right now involves the MVHS boys basketball team.

“We are currently working on a project that involves NBA 2K16 and Mt. Vernon’s basketball team,” said Quaid Pearson, 12, one of the show’s main producers, “We will be creating a team on the video game that resembles our school basketball team and our players.”

The MVTV team has been working on this project for about four weeks and plan to finish it up soon.

MVTV has always been a creative part of Mt. Vernon and will look to continue their creative ways.


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