Syrians deserve compassion not suspision

Story by: Jenna Jones, Opinions Editor

When I first heard about the 10,000 Syrian refugees who were supposed to be screened and then accepted into the United States, I was relieved. I thought it was about time that the U.S. stepped into its role and took on some responsibility.

My hopes were quickly crushed.

I believe that there is a fundamental problem with the way we, as a people, think when an overwhelming amount of Americans, specifically our leaders, have devoted themselves to preventing others from escaping horrible conditions. In fact, several of our leaders are going out of their way to keep these people where they are.

Of 50 U.S. state governors, 31 have stated their intentions to refuse the refugees. One of those governors is Indiana’s own Mike Pence.

Not only is this illegal, it is morally wrong and extremely disappointing.

State governors are not legally able to deal with immigration policies, while the President has the power to accept refugees at any time.

The claim that refugees pose a threat to the people here is incriminating to the Syrians and disregarding the precautions our nation has in place. The United States has one of the most intensive screenings in the world, and assuming that the people fleeing from war and ISIS are threats is ridiculous and offensive.

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