ATM: You can take your money with you, but leave the machine

Story by: Baylie Clevenger, Managing Editor

On Saturday, January 9, a man in downtown Indy stole a forklift from a construction site, drove it down the road about a mile, and stole an ATM from a bank.

The bank the ATM was stolen from is Kemba Credit Union on the East side of Indianapolis. The machine was lifted off of the ground and the forklift was left close to the bank, still running.

At this point in time, the culprit has not been caught, and authorities do not know what his intentions are with the stolen machine.

While the idea of taking an ATM may sound genius, it usually does not end well for the perpetrator. Not only do some ATMs have location devices installed now, but ATMs are actually very hard to break into. Along with the difficulty opening the machine, since ATM robberies are on the rise around the nation, some companies have invested in software that, even if the machine is broken into, destroys the money so it cannot be used.

There is also the possibility that the thief could access card information from the users of the machine, however, this is unlikely as the breach of information from ATMs is a sophisticated and difficult process.

“No card holder information was compromised.  The hard drive and card reader were retrieved intact.” said a Kemba Credit Union representative.

Authorities are hoping to catch the thief and locate the machine before any damage can be done.

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