This book is “Everything”

Story and Photos by: Claire Dorsch, Features Editor

Everything review.jpg

Great books have the ability to deliver a person’s soul to a place they never had dreamed of visiting. “Everything, Everything” did that for me, just as Madeline Whittier’s, the protagonist, books did for her.

Madeline is an eighteen year old girl with SCID, Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, which prohibits her from leaving her house in fear of dying from almost everything. She lives in a bubble of safety, being cared for only by her mother and her nurse Carla. That it, until she meets Olly.

I loved the entrance of Olly, the boy who just moved next door, because he’s full of mystery and edge, which are two things Madeline is not used to. He is also introduced wearing all black, which is a contrast to Madeline’s life which is basically white: her room, her clothes, everything. From the beginning, there is already that contrast between them, but opposites attract, as the cliché says.

Everything review 2Her story is told in a variety of styles, such as vignettes, diary entries, and exchanged emails, so the story stays interesting throughout the whole book.

The end was not something that I expected, kind of a microexplosion in my head because I never saw it coming, yet it made so much sense.

As Nicola Yoon’s debut novel, “Everything, Everything” it is one which I recommend to all people who enjoy reading scientifically correct and well-told stories that beautifully yet simply tell of love and freedom.

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