Creepy baby class

Story by: Caty McGovern, staff writer
Photos by: Caty McGovern, staff photographer

creepy baby main

As the end of the school year approaches, students want to know what classes they should take next year. One class that I say everyone should take is Child Development.

One thing about this class that is very different from other classes is that students take home a baby simulator for a weekend. A student becomes the primary caregiver to an infant. The students have to change the diaper, feed the baby, burp the baby and rock the baby. The baby can also be fussy and will cry for three minutes before stopping. Students will need to treat the baby like a real infant and handle it gently.

creepy baby laterThis simulation will determine whether the student are able to care for a child. It will also make most people rethink ever having children. Do not worry though, that is not the only thing done in this class.

In this class I learned a lot about STI’s and STD’s. I also learned about fetal development and how much having a baby really costs, which is usually thousands of dollars. We also learned about the benefits and risks of vaccinations. I found that analyzing the cost and care of a baby was interesting as few people really think about how they would take care of a baby at high school age.

This is a class that I believe everyone should take due to the things one can learn that will benefit them in the long run, whether it be in a career or as a future parent.

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