This book is A+

Story by: Claire Dorsch, Features Editor
Photo by: Claire Dorsch, Features Editor


When I first heard of “Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell, I expected it to be either the best thing I have ever read, or totally offensive. I am a fangirl myself, so fantastically it was the former.

Initially, I did not know how I felt about Cath, the protagonist from Nebraska. She seemed too stereotypical in the beginning and it almost made me stop reading. Thankfully, I kept on and found out that she and I actually have many things in common.

We both believe that stories do not just end when the author decides to stop writing the books. It continues by the willpower and passion of the fans, which is exactly what Cath and her sister Wren do.

“I love how ‘Fangirl’ is not just a charming story about a love story between two people, but it is also a love story about books, fandoms and the power of words,” said Leann Winegard, 12.

I liked that Cath is not just some insignificant fan who writes fanfiction. She actually has some popularity because of her writing which is refreshing to read. Most stories I have read about fangirls consisted of them just starting out as fanfiction writers and being quite terrible at it. Cath is the exception. I was sad to see her stop being friends with Nick, but her relationship with Levi made up for it ten times over.

I still do not know how I feel about Wren. In the beginning, Wren was becoming more distant from Cath and forging her own path, which led to her sting in the hospital and subsequent alcohol-poisoning that shook Cath and even her father to extreme worry.

I cannot wait to read the fanfiction that Cath wrote, also published by Rainbow Rowell called “Carry On.” It is about Simon and Baz through the eyes of Cath which is shown in excerpts throughout “Fangirl.” I recommend this story to everyone who enjoys a little bit fantasy with their reality.

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