Band-ing together

Story by: Sydney Blankenship, staff writer
Photo by: Jennifer McGowen, staff photographer

band money

This past month, the band was shocked to hear that the Education Foundation bought a plethora of new instruments. With a new band director comes new opportunities.

The band’s success has been crescendoing since the beginning of last year. Recently being in the top ten of marching band state, they received new instruments and equipment to better the band program.

“Mt. Vernon [band] is a band on the rise,” said sophomore Andrew Roembke. “We are getting better and better, and we now have a great director to lead us to better things. We are a force to be reckoned with now.”

The band received: 2 Grenadilla Wood Piccolos, 1 English Horn, 4 Bass Clarinets, 1 Contrabass Clarinet, 2 Bassoons, 1 Soprano Saxophone, 2 Baritone Saxophones, 1 Flugelhorn, 6 Silver, Double French Horns, 4 F-Attachment Trombones, 2 Valve Trombones, 6 Silver, 4-Valve Euphoniums, 2 4-Valve Tubas, 4 Silver Mellophones (Marching French Horns, ), 8 Silver Marching Baritones, 3 – Silver Contras (Marching Tubas),1 3-Octave Vibraphone w/ Vibrato Motor, 1 4.3-Octave Marimba, 1 5-Octave Marimba, 1 Full Set of Concert Toms, 1 1.5-Octave Chime Set, 1 Copper-Bottom Timpani, 1 Crash Cymbal Pair, 1 Crash Cymbal Pair, 4 Suspended Cymbals, 4 Suspended Cymbals, 4 Suspended Cymbals, 4 China Cymbals, 4 China Cymbals, 4 China Cymbal, 5 Pearl Carboncore Marching Snare Drums with Sound Projectors, 4 Pearl Carboncore Marching Tenor Drums, 5 Pearl Championship Maple Marching Bass Drums, along with a 28 foot fixed band tower.

ellingerMr. Ellinger, the band director, stated, “Contributions such as this showcase our administration’s high level of support for the performing arts in schools. These resources will exist in Mt. Vernon schools for decades to come. I am very happy they decided to boost the band program’s resources to provide greater opportunities for musical development in our students.”

Greater opportunities are indeed coming.If the music program has enough interest, they will possibly add Music Theory and Music History courses. Music students see this as a chance to grow their knowledge of music and have other students join the music department.

Sabrina Woods, a senior in band, said “One of my greatest band experiences was from an activity that I was skeptical about. Do it, love it or hate it, and learn from it.”

Congratulations to the Band of Marauders on all of their achievements.

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