Andrew Luck book club

Story by: Ashley Offenbach, staff writer
Photo from website

Andrew Luck book club

Athletes, singers, actors and actresses all have opinions and goals.  Andrew Luck is joining the team again, this time with a new book club for children and adults.

Luck is encouraging children of all ages to read books. His goal is to get kids to put down their devices and pick up an actual paperback or hardback book. This book club is for anyone, of any age, who enjoys reading.

He wants to have a positive influence on the community, and this is one of his ways of showing that. The mission of Andrew Luck´s book club is to share some of the books he has enjoyed, and to build a continually-growing community of readers of all levels by engaging through social media.

According to ESPN, ¨Luck plans to interact with readers through question-and-answer sessions and is launching social media feeds to facilitate dialogue. Luck has largely steered away from social media to this point.¨

There will be two books, one for children and one for adults, during each season of the National Football League.

If you are interested in this book club, visit the website here. 

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