The Adventures of Dog Leg: Prom dress fitting

Photos by: Jenna Jones, Opinions Editor

Dog Leg prom dress options

It seems students aren’t the only ones getting excited about the upcoming prom on Saturday, April 23rd at the Children’s Museum. Dog Leg got into the action too. Dog Leg had quite a bit of fun trying on prom dresses in preparation for the occasion.

Dog leg tries on prom dresses.jpg

It was hard to find the perfect dress, but after much deliberation, Dog Leg might just have to say yes, to this dress.

The Adventures of Dog Leg: Spring Break

Photos by: Caty McGovern, staff photographer

Dog Leg Museum of Death.jpg

MVHS students weren’t the only ones who embarked on trips across the country. During spring break, Dog Leg got to visit California. The highlight of the trip for Dog Leg (and Caty) was the Museum of Death.

Dog Leg In and Out.jpg

After taking surviving this rather harrowing museum, Dog Leg decided to get a bite to eat at the famous In & Out Burger chain. Wonder if Dog Leg got their burger “animal style”?