Story by: Maggie Brown, News and Copy Editor

When going into the theater to see “Captain America: Civil War,” my expectations were extremely high. I am an enormous fan of the Marvel movies, and as someone whose favorite has always been Captain America, I was pretty sure that no matter what happened I would be on Team Cap.

Thankfully, as I witnessed the events of the movie I found that even if Steve Rogers hadn’t been my personal hero, I would have been Team Cap. The movie was excellent, and is the perfect blend of action and comedy, as all Marvel movies seem to be. The addition of characters such as Spiderman, who is portrayed by Tom Holland, and Ant Man, who is played by Paul Rudd, add so much to the already fantastic story line. The quality of almost all of the performances was beyond my expectations, and I am extremely pleased.

The story was a bit odd, but the themes were clear and the point they were attempting to make was definitely made. What makes a hero? Does killing a few to save millions warrant revoking a hero’s title? Would it even make someone a monster?

In my opinion the lives of a few are worth less than the lives of all. Sacrificing a building of people, or even a city of them, to save the world is entirely justified. Team Cap is the only way to go here.



Story by: Jenna Jones, Opinions Editor

As someone who may never really stop being fascinated by pretty lights and lizard skins, prom was a huge success to me.

I never planned on attending my senior prom when I was younger. Attending prom this year was probably one of the greatest decisions of my life.

My senior prom was without a doubt the best one I have ever experienced. Holding it at the Children’s Museum was a genius idea. Being able to visit the different exhibits and dance in between was amazing, and the snacks were definitely a lot better this year than last.

I had the chance to spend several hours of pure happiness with my friends and my girlfriend at a place that was, to me at least, magical. I visited the dinosaurs twice and rode the carousel four times. My only regret is not doing it more.

I would like to personally thank everyone who made it happen, because it was honestly one of the best nights of my life. Thanks, MV. It was great.

Superman movie is superflop

Story by: Dakota Fisher, Sports Editor
From ridiculously unnecessary slow motion gunfights to hallucinogenic dream scenes, it is no wonder that “Batman Vs. Superman” suffered a 68.4% revenue loss in the box office from opening weekend.

The movie opens with the all-too-familiar death of the Mr. and Mrs. Wayne. Yes, the same one they have played in the opening of every Batman movie that has ever existed, but this time with a twist. Slow motion.

There is no denying that there are some aspects of the movie that are quite enjoyable. Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor performance, for example, was stellar. He was about the only character that was even mildly developed.

Superman, played by Henry Cavill was a fantastic character and Cavill did a marvellous job of portraying the hero. However, he was grossly underdeveloped. Throughout the movie, the hero remained the same charismatic do-gooder and his individual plot was largely focused around his love interest, Lois Lane.  Romance can sometimes make or break a movie and this instance was definitely straddling the fence. Superman’s almost constant canonization of Lois made the movie feel more like “Lois vs. The World (Ft. Some Other People)” as opposed to a superhero movie.

Batman too was remarkably underdeveloped. I found myself wanting to take a nap every time Ben Affleck’s depressing excuse for a Batman was on screen.  Not only was he stale, he was honestly pointless. I would have much rather watched Jesse Eisenberg and Henry Cavill play rock paper scissors; it would have been far more entertaining than the dry version of Batman that was shoved towards my eyes.

“The movie definitely could have been better,” said Jake Hawkins, 11, “the majority of it was honestly just boring and really didn’t make sense.”

What makes the movie all the more disheartening is Wonder Woman. Now you may be asking yourself; “Whoa! Wonder Woman was in that movie?” And the answer is yes. Remember that busty brunette with the all-too-unrealistic “battle outfit”? That was supposed to be Wonder Woman. However not once is she introduced as Wonder Woman. Throughout the entire move she remains the beautiful- yet-mysterious girl who just miraculously swoops in and saves the day. Gal Gadot’s character is simply overlooked as another set of long tan legs and is blatantly thrown into the mix for sex appeal and is regarded as nothing more than “that one hot chick.”

The movie, overall was mediocre at best. A potentially powerful story was teeming with rudimentary characters, desultory plot developments and unnecessary special effects; however Jesse Eisenberg’s performance as Luthor was arguably his best and Henry Cavill was enjoyable, for the short time he was on screen, but I definitely would have loved to have seen so much more from a franchise that had so much potential.  

The big fish tank

Story by: Emme Longman, staff writer
Photos by: Zoe Jenkins, staff photographer


The Newport Aquarium was an adventure that I had been looking forward to since I traveled to Cincinnati in the sixth grade. On the trip, students were allowed only an hour to look at the entire museum, which was not long enough for me. Luckily, my family and I were able to find time to go during spring break, and I had no idea what I was in for.

The first sight when we walked in was children, heaps of little children, screaming and running around frantically. While the aquarium is a beautiful place, it is also crowded and a popular field trip spot. If the visitor prefers a less crowded place that is peaceful and calm, Newport is not the place to travel to.

The aquarium has numerous fish exhibits, but some of them are very unappealing to my eyes. They were dirty, murky and filled with bits of fish food. When looking into the exhibit, the fish were sometimes not visible because of all of the dirty-looking water in the tank.

The aquarium in general was more on the smaller side. Also, it felt a little bit cramped when full of visitors, especially when the exhibit was filled with elementary children on a field trip. They did not know what the phrase “personal space.” When the aquarium is crowded, it gives a sense of being rushed, and can be difficult to explore the exhibit.

Once the aquarium cleared up and was less crowded, it was a sight to see. The inhabitants in the exhibits were exotic. When I did not feel crowded, I felt like I had more time to really appreciate the exhibits and see more of the aquarium.  

“My favorite part about Newport aquarium is seeing animals that aren’t in Indiana,” Ava Hampton, 9.

jellyfishAnother positive part of the aquarium is that it is truly beautiful. Walking under the tunnels full of fish swimming around is something that never gets old, and gives the visitors such a feeling of excitement. Also, the jellyfish exhibit is beautiful and is one of the more exciting parts of the aquarium. It is dimly lit, and the tanks are displayed in blue light, which made their clear or light pink color stand out more.

“If I went to an aquarium I would be most excited to see the sharks,” Gabi Sternari, 9.

There were plenty of exotic sharks and exciting stingray. One of the newer exhibits is a shark walk, where the visitors got to walk over a shark tank, covered by a bridge. It was something that a normal person does not get the chance to do every day, and gives a very exhilarating feeling.

Overall, Newport Aquarium is a great place to go on vacation and see sights that are not something that are seen every day. It is a beautiful place to explore exotic creatures and learn a little about them too

“Hardcore Henry” is hardcore

Story by: Blake Slunaker, staff writer

The movie “Hardcore Henry,” released on April 8,  is an action movie thriller that uses new GoPro technology to shoot it in first-person point-of-view.

The runtime of the movie is about 95 minutes long and I was intrigued every minute of it. I would not say that I exactly enjoyed every minute, but it definitely kept my interest and was very thrilling.

I enjoyed the first-person view as it gave a fresh and interesting angle for an action movie that made me feel like they were right there doing the action.

However, the only problem with the first-person style shooting is it made the movie feel like every action video game ever made. I feel like the movie only kept my attention because of the way it was shot. The story was very cliché and uninspiring. It had the typical bad guys that Henry was able to slash through no problem and it just did not feel real to me.

The lack of dialogue in the movie made it very hard to follow as well making whatever type of story they were aiming for hard to keep up with.

“I thought it was cool and interesting to see a movie like that from a first-person point-of-view, I just wish the story was a bit easier to keep up with,” said Cameron Huff, 12.

Although the movie had its mistakes, it was still a very compelling movie. The action was definitely top notch and really was the reason it peaked my interest. Overall, I liked the direction the movie was heading towards, but I feel like it is just not all the way there yet.

I give it three out of five stars.

Zayn is zaney

Story by: Ian Carson, Editor in Chief


In March of 2016, Zayn Malik released his new album entitled “Mind of Mine.” This is the first album he has released since his departure from the popular boy band One Direction.

The album has a primarily R&B and pop vibe. However, I believe that this style draws heavily from his previous band, as the pop influences that were present in One Direction also show up in his newest album. His attempt to set himself apart lies heavily in the lyrics, which have proven to be more meaningful than in his past band, in my opinion.

One of my personal favorites on the track is “fOol fOr YoU,” which has a simple, melodic vibe. Malik’s use of piano at the beginning compliments the rest of the song’s melancholic lyric base.

Some students have similarly positive opinions of the new album.

“As a whole, I liked the album,” said Geneva Pleasant, 11. “But I thought that the song ‘Mind of Mind’ was supposed to have an R&B sound, but it ended up being pretty pop-based.”

Others did not like the album.

“I really didn’t like it,” said Leanza Valenti, 12. “I honestly thought it sounded too much like One Direction.”

In any case, songs from Malik’s album have reached the top of the charts and have received mixed reviews from fans of One Direction.

Allegiant fails to live up to expectations

Story by: Sydney Shurman, Reviews Editor
Photos by: Mackenzie Carpenter, Photography Editor


Allegiant, the second-to-last installment in the film adaptation of the young adult book series Divergent, hit theaters March 18th. I was finally able to see it, and I have to say that I feel very let down.

While I cannot say the book trilogy was the best series I have ever read, I did thoroughly enjoy it. It had a nice balance of action and romance, as well as character and plot development. However, the Allegiant movie had none of these aspects.

The most glaringly obvious mistake with the movie that lead to all of its other problems was the fact that for some reason, the people in charge of making it decided to split it into two parts. This seemed incredibly unnecessary because the book did not have enough content to create two movies.

Because of this, I found that the two hours I spent watching the movie dragged on. The plot developed incredibly slowly, and I felt that the majority of it was not that exciting. Most scenes just included talking and explaining, whereas the previous movies included more action scenes. I realize that explanation is necessary to explain the plot, but if the book had been made into only one movie there would have been a much better ratio of explanation to action.

allegiant 2I also felt that the plot was completely predictable. I did not find a single plot twist in the whole movie and every time something happened, I was not surprised in the least. The characters all made decisions that I could see coming a mile away.

These predictable decisions were probably due to the fact that the characters were also very one-dimensional, which was disappointing. In the books, they were far more complex and well-developed. However, Four was barely shown throughout the entire movie, and he spoke about ten words the whole time. Also, Tris did not have nearly the emotional appeal and strength that she should have had.

“I chose not to see Allegiant, because I did see Divergent and I didn’t think it was what I thought it would be,” said Mrs. Ballard, media assistant.”I also went online and saw that it had bad reviews, so I didn’t want to pay to see in the theater.”

In addition, the plot was not even that similar to that of the books. It was loosely based at best. All of these factors came together to create a great big disappointing mess. I can see why it got such bad reviews.

The Holy Grail of lip wear

Story by: Baylie Clevenger, Managing Editor
Photos by: Baylie Clevenger, Managing Editor


The search for amazing lipstick is one of great seriousness in my life, and I think I may have found the Holy Grail. Recently I bought three “lippie stix” from Colourpop Cosmetics and I must say that I am very impressed.

The colors I ordered are called Charm, Raw and Pitch. Charm is a light green shade, Raw is a bright turquoise, and Pitch is a deep brown. All of the colors I bought were very vivid and only took a couple layers for a solid color.

Typically brighter, more vivid colors are harder to achieve an opaque look with, but with these lipsticks the style is easy to achieve.

On top of the fact that the lipstick is phenomenal quality, Colourpop is also a cruelty free, vegan and vegetarian company. This means that their products are not tested on animals and they are friendly to those who live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Colourpop products are also very wallet-friendly. Each lipstick is only five dollars.

I am very impressed with the ethics of the company and the quality of their products. For anyone who is looking for a budget-friendly, cruelty free, good quality product, Colourpop is the way to go. More of their products can be found on colourpop.com.

This book is A+

Story by: Claire Dorsch, Features Editor
Photo by: Claire Dorsch, Features Editor


When I first heard of “Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell, I expected it to be either the best thing I have ever read, or totally offensive. I am a fangirl myself, so fantastically it was the former.

Initially, I did not know how I felt about Cath, the protagonist from Nebraska. She seemed too stereotypical in the beginning and it almost made me stop reading. Thankfully, I kept on and found out that she and I actually have many things in common.

We both believe that stories do not just end when the author decides to stop writing the books. It continues by the willpower and passion of the fans, which is exactly what Cath and her sister Wren do.

“I love how ‘Fangirl’ is not just a charming story about a love story between two people, but it is also a love story about books, fandoms and the power of words,” said Leann Winegard, 12.

I liked that Cath is not just some insignificant fan who writes fanfiction. She actually has some popularity because of her writing which is refreshing to read. Most stories I have read about fangirls consisted of them just starting out as fanfiction writers and being quite terrible at it. Cath is the exception. I was sad to see her stop being friends with Nick, but her relationship with Levi made up for it ten times over.

I still do not know how I feel about Wren. In the beginning, Wren was becoming more distant from Cath and forging her own path, which led to her sting in the hospital and subsequent alcohol-poisoning that shook Cath and even her father to extreme worry.

I cannot wait to read the fanfiction that Cath wrote, also published by Rainbow Rowell called “Carry On.” It is about Simon and Baz through the eyes of Cath which is shown in excerpts throughout “Fangirl.” I recommend this story to everyone who enjoys a little bit fantasy with their reality.

New music videos looking for equality

Story by: Carly McWilliams and Lauren Pilkington, staff writers

New artists have been releasing loads of music in 2016. With these new songs, they have also been surprising their fans with sporadic uploads of their music videos to go along with the songs. The music videos are used to bring more meaning to the lyrics, or they can be used as an extra entertainment factor. Basically, they are just another way to watch popular artists sing their music while dancing with more talented people.

However, these videos aren’t just made for dancing around to popular songs. They have become a new, growing platform to help artists to stand up for what they, as musicians, believe in.

With more and more people shouting out against inequality and standing up for the minorities across the world, musicians have continued to reflect themes of pride in their differences and cultural backgrounds in their music videos. A few videos that really stood out were just released in these first few months of 2016, highlighting topics ranging from race to gender to sexual orientation.

Racial inequality has been a growing topic in the media throughout history. However, the increase in protests against police brutality has brought little to no change in cases of violence against minorities by police officers.

Beyoncé brings these issues to light and shows everyone that she isn’t giving in to her oppressors in her video for “Formation.” Some powerful shots in the music video, released this past February, include a small black child with his hands up in front of several police officers and graffiti that states “Stop Shooting Us.”

MV student Gabby Warner, 10, responded, “I liked the video because Beyoncé was strong, danced however she wanted without fear and included women of color throughout the video.”

The video depicts Beyoncé sitting regally with a parasol dressed in all lace, as well as the line “I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making,” showing that she is still successful even though she is faced with racism in America. There is even a flashback to Martin Luther King Jr., in case the audience didn’t quite get the message. Black lives do matter, and this video gets the idea across.

Next is Troye Sivan’s new song: “Youth.” This catchy tune came out with a lyric video in November of 2015. However, Sivan surprised his audience with an official video on February 24, 2016. The music video has LGBTQA+ references throughout the entire video, including the flashing rainbow lights and the normalization of same-sex couples seen at the party.

Troye came out online to all of his YouTube friends in August of 2013, and he and his YouTube community are all huge supporters of LGBTQA+ rights.

This video emits their great pride in who they are, and shows viewers what it is like to have fun at a party without drugs and alcohol. In the video, the house is full of couples at a small house party. There are tents, teddy bears, roller skating, and overflowing bathtubs. Also, one of Troye’s good friends, Lia Marie Johnson, can be spotted dancing and socialising throughout the video. Overall, the video perfectly fits the bubbly lyrics and the pop sound.

Geneva Pleasant, 11, added, “Troye Sivan has created yet another masterpiece. His music video combines his amazing lyrics with his beats and musical genius, and brings the song to life.”

Finally there is the cinematic work of art that is Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods” music video. The video came out this past New Year’s Eve, and it certainly lived up to the hype surrounding its release. This beautiful and thrilling piece illustrates the story of a destructive relationship, exclusively from Taylor’s point of view. Elements of nature, such as the vines that twist around her throughout the video, represent how restricting and dangerous her relationship was. Each different environment shows a different part of her struggle, from letting go to falling back into the relationship and going through the same chaos she had before.

All throughout the video, Taylor asks the question, “Are we out of the woods yet?” It seems to get more and more frantic as the song progresses, until she finally breaks free of everything that is trapping her and makes it “out of the woods.”

MVHS junior and Taylor Swift fan Olivia Caldwell added, “I really like how at the beginning it has the ‘She lost him’ message and throughout the video she’s lost, then at the end she actually finds herself, and then the message ‘But she found herself, and that was everything’ appears.”

These small bits of text really show how Taylor has grown as a person and highlights the message of putting yourself and your own health before an abusive or manipulative relationship.

Overall, this video was stunning, empowering and captivating to watch from beginning to end.