Tuttles apples

Story by: Dakota Fisher, Sports Editor
Photo by: Dakota Fisher, Sports Editor


Tuttles Orchard, located in Greenfield, Indiana is a great spot to indulge on all of your favorite fall sweets. Along with the traditional hot apple cider, Tuttles has several different variations of apple treats including caramel apples, apple muffins, and apple cider slushies.

Though there are many other things to do at Tuttles Orchard, the main attraction is apple picking.

tuttles sculptureCustomers of Tuttles Orchard can venture through 50 acres of apple trees, housing seven different varieties of apples. Those wishing to pick apples simply purchase a bag, either four pound, eight pound, or sixteen pound, and begin picking. Staff members direct customers toward the aisles with the apples that are ripe and may pick as few, or as many as they like.

“My favorite thing about working at Tuttles is the overall positive attitude. I absolutely adore working there,” said Tuttles employee and MVHS senior, Ryan Dockery.

While apples are certainly the draw, Tuttles also has various fall festivities including a pumpkin patch, cut-your-own sunflowers, and a corn maze.