Baseball tryouts

Story by: Logan Jennings
Photo by: Ashley Vega

baseball tryouts

A crack of the bat, players arguing over balls and strikes, and the whistling sound that the baseball makes when it is thrown perfectly. These are the sounds that were heard during Mt. Vernon High School’s baseball tryouts. Basketball may have ended, but baseball is just warming up.

One excited player, Mason Rapp, 12, said,”There is a buzz around having a new coach, and the program is going in a new direction.”

The baseball tryouts went smoothly. The tryouts were basically like a regular practice. The catchers and pitchers worked on throwing. Everybody else worked on defensive work and batting. They all also had to go through conditioning at the end of the tryout.

The tryouts were held March 16- 18. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors were competing to get a spot on the team. Thankfully, there were no cuts this year.

According to Mason Rapp, there were several players who seem likely to breakout this year like junior Noah Powell, sophomore Ryan Beck, and senior Zach Spears.

Now it’s time for the boys to get to work.