Managing life: an interview with basketball manager Jonathan Taylor

By Logan Jennings, staff writer

LJ: What are your duties?

JT: Mopping the floors, filling the water tank and getting the scoreboard ready

LJ: What is your favorite part?

JT: I like the overall experience, sitting on the bench is a lot of fun.

LJ: What is your least favorite part?

JT: The long days

LJ: Who is the nicest player on the team?

JT: Michael Ertel

LJ: What is your pet peeve?

JT: They [the players] make a mess out of the water tank and when [they]don’t bring out the warm up balls for games.

LJ: If you are on a 2-on-2 tournament, what player would you take with you?

JT: Michael Thompson

LJ: What is the best part of the games?

JT: When we win the grinders.

LJ: What does Coach Daugherty talk about in the huddles?

JT: He is telling us to execute our plays and [telling us to] playing defense.

LJ: Do you like those suits?

JT: I definitely do. I like changing the part.

LJ: What would be you nickname, if you could have one?

JT: JT or Jonny Basketball

LJ: Anything to add?

JT: Stay classy [and] I’m just here so I won’t get fined.

Basketball interviews

By Logan Jennings, staff writer

Questions Head Coach Daugherty Shooting Guard  Miles Wayer, 11 Point Guard

Michael Ertel, 10

If you could improve one part of your team, what would it be? D(efense) is good at times but areas need work Executing offense Defense
What is the goal for your team? Maximize our potential Win conference and bring home a sectional title To win the conference, to win sectionals, go deep in the tournament
What team do you like beating the most? Rivalry games are the most fun. New Pal and Greenfield New Pal New Pal
If there is two seconds left on the clock, who gets the last shot? Who has been the hottest that night. Whoever has the hot hand. Miles
If you could emulate any player, or coach, who would it be? Tom Izzo
Michigan State

Head Coach

Jordan Hulls
Former Indiana University Point Guard
Damian Lillard
Portland Trail Blazers

Point Guard

Who is the funniest person on the team? Stricker Strickpiece (Stricker) Mike Thompson
If you could play one on one with anyone, who would you play? Jordan
Former Bulls Great, considered the best player ever
Larry Bird
Former Celtic Great, considered one of the best shooter of all time
Steve Nash
Los Angeles Point Guard


What gives a team more momentum: a 3 pointer or a dunk? Dunk, happens less often. Dunk Dunk