Hunter Lenk helps the homeless

Story by: Ashley Offenbach, staff writer
Photo by: Caty McGovern, staff photographer

Hunter Lenk

Homelessness is a huge issue in the Indianapolis area, and Hunter Lenk is finding a creative way to solve this problem.

Hunter Lenk is a student from Mount Comfort Elementary school trying to make a difference in his community. He has been collecting blankets for the homeless and is bringing them down to the homeless at the end of the month. Hunter and his family have created a non-profit organization that is called ¨Hunters Hugs.¨ This is where Hunter collects any blankets, from adult to children, and donates them to the homeless.

There have already been over 125 blankets collected, and after donating them to the homeless, the remaining blankets will be donated to Wheeler Mission, an organization that helps the homeless and hungry in Indianapolis.

According to Hunter´s mother, Jordan Kiser, ¨Social media through Facebook this year has been tremendous this year. We met a lady from Anderson who donated 25 blankets.¨

Hunter came up with this idea last year with his step-mother because he wanted to make a difference in his community, and wanted to be known for giving.

He said, ¨When we’re all cold, they have to be really cold.¨

When he wanted to help the homeless, Hunter put his mind to work. He wanted to help and he knew that when we are cold we have a way to become warmer, the homeless did not have any solution for cold winters. He wanted to create a solution for them that solved their issue and helped them to be warm when the weather is cold.

This organization was started in December 2015 and has already grown very quickly. Now, Hunter is not only a student from elementary school, but a kid who has made dreams come true and created a solution for a huge problem in the Indianapolis area.

Next year, Hunter and his family hope to include not only blankets, but hats and gloves as well.