Buckeyes win it all

By Blake Slunaker, staff writer

The first ever college football playoff has come to an end. There were two games that College Football fans everywhere watched on January 1.

In the first game, Oregon annihilated Florida State 59-20. The next game that fans saw was the Ohio State Buckeyes pull off an amazing upset over Alabama Crimson Tide.

Coming into this game the Buckeyes were ranked fourth in the nation while Alabama was ranked number one overall. Many so-called college football experts thought that Ohio State had no chance and that Alabama would roll over them with no problem. However, third-string quarterback Cardale Jones proved those experts wrong.

Earlier in the season, Ohio State lost their starting quarterback, Braxton Miller, due to a shoulder injury. J.T. Barrett, the second-string quarterback, came in and lead Ohio State to an 11-1 record before suffering an ankle injury. That’s where Cardale Jones comes in.

The experts thought that Jones’ lack of experience would hurt Ohio State’s chances of winning. Jones actually outplayed Alabama’s starting quarterback and led the Buckeyes to a 42-35 victory over the Crimson Tide. Jones threw for 243 yards, a touchdown, and also ran for 43 yards in the victory.

The game was heavily watched by college football fanatics everywhere and drew in approximately twenty-eight million views. The fans knew they would be getting a good game and they got just that.

“I could not stop watching this game. I was so nervous but I am glad the Buckeyes won,” said Gloria Gonzales, 11.

The Buckeyes continued their winning ways against Oregon on January 12, beating the Ducks 42-20. Cardale Jones continued to shine and lead his team to victory once again. The Buckeyes were not expected to win by many people, but were able to overcome the adversity to beat Oregon.

This season will certainly be one to remember for all Buckeye players and fans.