The Adventures of Dog Leg: Spring Break

Photos by: Caty McGovern, staff photographer

Dog Leg Museum of Death.jpg

MVHS students weren’t the only ones who embarked on trips across the country. During spring break, Dog Leg got to visit California. The highlight of the trip for Dog Leg (and Caty) was the Museum of Death.

Dog Leg In and Out.jpg

After taking surviving this rather harrowing museum, Dog Leg decided to get a bite to eat at the famous In & Out Burger chain. Wonder if Dog Leg got their burger “animal style”?

The happiest place on earth

Story by: Dakota Fisher, Sports Editor
Photos by: Dakota Fisher, Sports Editor

Disneyland castle

Disneyland California, which ranks in the top 10 best amusement parks in America, contains over 80 different attractions. Thousands upon thousands of people are in attendance each year and on Friday February 12, 2016, I was one of them.

Disneyland entranceUpon arrival, bags are checked and metal detectors are used to insure safety, but as soon as guests pass the security checkpoint the magic begins. To enter the park, guests pass under a bridge with a plaque (see left)  that reads “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy,” which is a nod to two of the lands within the park, Tomorrowland and Fantasy Land. Tomorrowland was my  favorite of the two.

The park itself is easy to manage; however, a map is recommended as the sea of people can make travel a little more challenging.

The Star Tours ride in Tomorrowland was by far my favorite attraction. Star Tours is a 4D Star Wars experience that races through the depths of space and takes riders through deadly, high speed chases while weaving in and out of asteroid fields and running from the infamous Boba Fett.Disneyland cars

Another highlight of Tomorrowland was the Jedi Training. As a 16 year old,
I was not eligible to participate; however, watching the performance of the “New Jedi” was absolutely adorable.

One of the most magical things that happened in the 14 hours I was at the park was
the night parade. Each character paraded down Main Street accompanied by incredible dancers and each character rode on a float of their own with music. The characters were so cute and energetic that it was impossible to get bored.

I can definitely see myself visiting Disneyland again in the very near future and experiencing the magic over and over again.


El nino

Story by: Maggie Brown, News/Copy Editor
Photos by: Amanda Wiggins, staff photographer

el nino 1

The drought in California has been going on for nearly five years, but the West Coast has recently gotten some rain. Quite a lot of rain, actually.

El nino, which occurs every three to six years, is a change in the temperature of surface water in the Pacific that has brought unreasonably warm weather to the entire country and massive amounts of precipitation to southern and central California.

el nino 2While the rain will most certainly help put some water in California’s dusty reservoirs, it is not an end to the dry spell from which they suffer.

Meteorologists have been examining the patterns of El Nino since fall of 2014. They have observed that it began to grow steadily more intense in the beginning of 2015. The 2015-2016 El nino is one of the three strongest ever recorded, after 82-83 and 97-98, and there have been noticeably warmer temperatures all over the eastern half of the country.

In Buffalo NY, the first snowfall was the latest it had been since 1899. In addition, Hurricane Patricia, which devastated Mexico earlier this winter, was the largest storm ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere.

Many have been worried that this is due to global warming, but there is no evidence that the odd weather patterns, especially those in the US Northeast, are influenced by any singular factor.

El nino is expected to calm down by spring of this year, which will hopefully bring el nino 3milder weather in 2016. Weather prediction is a very tricky and inexact science, and so they have no real way of knowing what the weather may do in the future. It is meteorologist’s best guess, however, that this odd weather too shall pass.