Choose kind all week

Story by: Claire Dorsch, Features Editor
Photo by: Amanda Wiggins, staff photographer

choose kind

One of the weeks that Student Government sponsors throughout the year at Mt. Vernon is Choose Kind Week. This year it lasted from Feb 29 through March 4. On Monday the 29th, a special guest was invited to give an inspirational speech for Choose Kind Week. Kevin Wanzer has been a motivational comedian for over thirty years. The Mt. Vernon Education Foundation allowed Kevin to give one of his more popular speeches to MVHS because Emily Fleming, 12, wrote a grant to the MVEF.

I feel like the convocation was inspiring and relatable,” said Hailey Davidson, 9. “Kevin Wanzer made it funny and easy to learn what it means to truly be kind, and to understand what it means to be kind. I believe that the convocation was very empowering.”

Kevin was enjoyed by all that attended, and it is all thanks to Emily Fleming.

“He was an incredible speaker and the moment I looked onto the crowd and saw everyone truly engaged, I knew that he needed to come to Mt. Vernon,” said Fleming. “I was then lucky enough to go back to the camp the following year and heard him again. So, this year I wanted to make it happen. I started talking to Miss Naum, the guidance intern, and she absolutely loved the idea. After contacting Andrea from the MVEF, I think it was a done deal.”

Tuesday was a day to pledge to Choose Kind, Wednesday the StuGov placed meaningful quotes on every locker in the school, Thursday was the placement of kindness zones around the building and Friday was high fives all around.