Delayed start Wednesdays delaying education

Story by: Ian Carson, Editor in Chief
Photo by: Samuel Jobe, staff photographer

late startDelayed Start Wednesdays were enacted at Mt. Vernon to provide professional development time for teachers. During the lost time, students are expected to work on extra assignments given by teachers that last about 10 minutes. But this system is not working out.

Students are given the choice to come to school at the regular time, or to come in later, but the ability to come in later is illogical because students are required to complete forty minutes of extra work during that time period. Forty extra minutes of work per week, even when time is provided to complete the work, can add a lot of stress for students’ already busy schedules. This also cuts down on club time for clubs that meet before school because no teachers are available to supervise.

Delayed Start Wednesdays also ruins the weekly routine at Mt. Vernon. This affects mainly students with special needs who rely on the weekly routine. Such a disruption could prove to be problematic.

In addition, Delayed Start Wednesdays take away from class time. Even though the 10 lost minutes are supposed to be made up by the extra work, nothing can replace valuable class time. Teachers who plan on having longer lessons have to shorten them because of the new time crunch. This is especially detrimental for teachers whose classes rely on routine.

The best solution, in my opinion, is to have a longer Delayed Start Wednesday once or twice a month as opposed to every single week.