The Adventures of Dog Leg: May the 4th be with you

Photos by: Hannah Warfel, staff photographer

Star Wars

Just this past weekend, in our very own galaxy, Dog Leg got to visit the East Hamilton Public Library to celebrate the glory that is Star Wars.

Star Wars trash

Not only did Dog Leg get a picture with BB8 and Rey, but also had a slight accident involving the infamous trash compactor. Thankfully Dog Leg used the Force and got out alive.

The Adventures of Dog Leg: Bake sale and a musical

Photos by: Claire Dorsch, Features Editor

Dog Leg at the bake sale.jpg

Dog Leg had a busy weekend. First there was the Best Buddies 3V3 tournament where Dog Leg helped the newspaper staff sell baked treats.

Dog Leg at Seussical

Later, Dog Leg headed to Ten West to catch a sold-out production of Seussical, the Musical. Dog Leg thought the performance was delightful.

The Adventures of Dog Leg: Spring Break

Photos by: Caty McGovern, staff photographer

Dog Leg Museum of Death.jpg

MVHS students weren’t the only ones who embarked on trips across the country. During spring break, Dog Leg got to visit California. The highlight of the trip for Dog Leg (and Caty) was the Museum of Death.

Dog Leg In and Out.jpg

After taking surviving this rather harrowing museum, Dog Leg decided to get a bite to eat at the famous In & Out Burger chain. Wonder if Dog Leg got their burger “animal style”?

The Many Adventures of Dog Leg: Girls’ basketball sectionals

Photos by: Zoe Jenkins

girls sectionals

This weekend Dog Leg got in on some fantastic basketball action. He went out to support the MVHS girls’ basketball team at their sectionals.

girls sectionals 2

Although the girls lost their championship game against Greenfield, Dog Leg had a great time hanging out with some of the ladies as they prepared to represent MVHS.

Go Marauders!

The Many Adventures of Dog Leg:Enjoying “authentic Italian cuisine”

Olive Garden 2

This weekend Dog Leg joined managing editor Baylie Clevenger, sports editor Dakota Fisher, opinions editor Jenna Jones and reviews editor Sydney Shurman for a trip to the Olive Garden.

at Olive Garden

While there, Dog Leg got to enjoy some delicious breadsticks as well as fun conversation with the British waiter.

The Adventures of Dog Leg: Butler Theater Day

Over the weekend, Features Editor, Claire Dorsch, took Dog Leg on a dramatic trip to Butler University to help her participate in Butler’s first ever Theater Day.

Dog leg with Butler folder

Dog Leg gets his welcome packet

Dog Leg with Diane

Next, he got to go to classes. First up, Voice class with Diane Timmerman. He got his time on the main stage.

Dog Leg watching auditions

Dog Leg patiently waits his turn to get auditioning tips from William Fisher, Diane Timmerman and Elaina Artemiev.