Sanders rally

Story by: Ian Carson, Editor in Chief
Photo by:Mackenzie Carpenter, Photography Editor

Bernie rally

I recently had the pleasure of attending a rally for Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders in Indianapolis. It was a very positive experience, and it only confirmed my furthered support for the candidate. Being my first political rally, it was also an interesting chance to take in the atmosphere and compare it to what I have seen of rallies for Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee.

The rally started around 7, but I arrived at about 5. Monument circle was already packed with supporters for the candidate, cheering with signs and singing songs. There were a number of performers who kept the atmosphere alive with folk music before Sanders arrived. In addition, the main Sanders organizer for the area, a local IPS English teacher, gave a short speech about her support for Sanders before he arrived.

There was something different about this rally that what I have seen of Trump’s rallies. There was more of a sense of community among the members. Of course most of us were there to see Bernie Sanders, but we were also there to support each other. At Trump rallies it often seems like the members gather in some sort of weird, adulative ceremony for Trump, fuling his ego.

Sanders finally arrived, by way of helicopter, which was the only viable mode of transport considering he was campaigning in Fort Wayne a few hours earlier. In his speech, Sanders focused primarily on his plans to improve America, rather than speaking about other candidates. It is notable that Trump’s speeches are often accusatory. Although Sanders had points in his speech where he accused others for contributing to problems in America, they were not the focus of his speech. He also laid out his plans to cover the cost of his plans, something which candidates have attacked him for not doing.

MV students who attended the rally had positive opinions.

“I thought that Sander’s speech was powerful and really moving,” said Geneva Pleasant, 11.

All in all, the Sanders rally was a success and I am glad to have been able to attend.

Trump gets trumped

Story by: Ian Carson, Editor in Chief

Adding to a lengthy list of political blunders, or as some see them, political successes, Donald Trump has once again managed to create a PR scandal– but this time, for himself.

Trump scheduled a press conference in preparation to announce that he is receiving support from over one hundred black ministers across the nation. The move was part of an effort to appeal to the black minority in the United States, which largely supports the Democratic party. Trump sent out invitations to several ministers to come to a meeting with him to discuss his endorsement.

Earlier this year, Trump held many smaller meetings with black ministers, some of whom ended up supporting him. They all stated that Trump did not make any sort of monetary donation to the church.

However, things fell short of Trump’s expectations. Several ministers refused to meet with Trump, some even denounced the invitation. As a result, Trump canceled the press conference, which was met with a strong media response as he had been advertising the conference beforehand.

French club elections

Story by: Claire Dorsch, Features Editor
Photos by: Caty McGovern, guest photographer

French club elections

For all of the Francophiles of Mt. Vernon, French Club is a place to express that love, and it is one of the many clubs that MVHS has to offer.

On August 28, elections for French Club Council were held in Mr. Freeman’s classroom.

Of the members present, running for council were Caty McGovern, Ian Carson, Dani Abraham, Peyton Scott, Savannah Donaldson and Erica Lohman.

However, only three of them would be council members.

As of August 28, the French Club Council consists of Dani Abraham, 11, Peyton Scott, 12, and Erica Lohman, 11. The unofficial historian is Ian Carson, 12.

The council last year was Peyton Scott, Kade Padgett, 12, and Sabrina Woods, 12.

French Club fake fightingFrench Club meets monthly throughout the year, and the council meets weekly to discuss matters, like plans for the next club meeting, club fees, and long-term plans that require lots of planning. This club gives members a chance to eat delicious French cuisine, play games like Boule, and watch French movies with English subtitles. They even have water balloon fights.

The students involved with French Club find themselves enjoying this extra-curricular activity.

“We don’t put labels on things. We are a council and are all equal in power. I usually plan meetings and keep things in order and interesting,” said Peyton Scott, council member. “We are a club that loves the French culture while also sticking to our American roots.”French club shirt

The French Club is still taking members, so if any of these activities sound interesting, talk to a member.