Don’t stay in school

Story by: Ian Carson, Managing Editor
Photo by: Emily Neundorf, staff photographer

don't stay in school

When the famous YouTuber boyinaband, Dave Brown, published his music video  “Don’t Stay in School,” he had no intention to deter people from actually attending school. He intended to point out the flaws in the current education system.

The song spread like wildfire, with more than two million views, and questioned the very core of education. The topics discussed included ones such as the importance placed on standardized testing and educational standards set by the government. Brown remarked that students never learn what their universal human rights are. He also questioned why he was never taught necessary life skills such as how to pay taxes.

The video wss well-received by most students and even some educators.

“I think that the current education system forces students to take classes that are not in alignment with what they want to be in the future,” said Katelyn Schuck, 11. “If a student has no particular interest in a class that they are required to take, then they will earn a lower grade. This could hurt their academic eligibility in the future.”

The fact is that students are learning to hate school rather than learning what they want to learn—what will help them in the future. The system is in obvious need of reform, starting at the highest level.

Marauder radio is a reality

Story by: Blake Slunaker, staff writer
Photo by: Emily Neundorff, staff photographer


For years here at Mt. Vernon, there were only three ways to get news: by newspaper, by watching MVTV or by announcements. Now, a fourth way to stay up-to-date on news has been introduced, the Marauder Radio station.

The Marauder Radio station was introduced in April and is accessible on the Mt. Vernon homepage. The radio station was added to an already impressive high tech studio run by Mr. Shaver. The Marauder Radio station broadcasts Monday through Friday from 7-9 A.M. and 3-5 P.M.

The station is ad-free and listeners can get on to listen to the latest news of Mt. Vernon, MV spotlight interviews, as well as listen to music.

“I think the radio station is really interesting and unique and we really have a lot of fun with it,” said Quaid Pearson, 11,“My favorite part is probably giving interviews and just working with the other students on it.”

The radio station has also started to gain popularity among the students. The students like the station for the way it gives the latest news and also plays the latest music.

“At first I only listened to the station to hear my interview, but I started to listen to it more because it was interesting,” said Dylan Freeman, 11.

The start of the station itself was inspired by the students on MVTV.

“The students on MVTV wanted to start a radio station so we could give more around the clock news. My hope for the future is that the station will continue to increase in popularity,” said Mr. Shaver.

The new radio station definitely provides a new unique aspect of how students get their news at Mt. Vernon.