Shield Shack is where it’s at

Story by: Ashley Offenbach, Staff Writer
Photos by: Amanda Wiggins, Staff Photograper

Shield shack

There are many students who arrive at school and realize they have forgotten a pencil, highlighter, or poster board, then start stressing because they do not want a zero or a late assignment in a class. If you ever come to school unprepared for the day there is now a solution.

The daily announcements read, “Hello all! Do you ever come to school without a pencil? Ever need a hair tie ASAP? Phone dead and you forgot your charger? Come on down to The Shield Shack, a store run by students for students. Get your spirit wear, school supplies, and electronic desires! Opening today!”

The store, called The Shield Shack, opened Wednesday December 3rd and is available before and after school. It is located across the cafeteria and by the auditorium doors. Ms. Ousley’s Entrepreneurship class is in charge of the Shield Shack and she is the sponsor.

Ms. Ousley said, ¨The Shield Shack will be open for the rest of the year.  Our current hours of operation are through third block (so that we can serve students on every lunch) and SRT.  Following Christmas Break, we will have our ‘Grand Opening’ and be open from 8-8:30 in the morning in addition to our lunchtime hours.¨

Shelbi Webb, 11, said, ¨I think it is a great idea to have a small store for students. I believe if a student carries money with them they will use the store when they forget something.¨

So if you ever forget an item you need, whether for yourself or a class, stop by The Shield Shack.