“Hello” Adele

Story by: Ian Carson, Editor in Chief
Photo by: Mackenzie Carpenter, Photo Editor

Adele CD

Adele Adkins has taken the stage once again with her new album, “25.” The album is the first after a four-year sabbatical that the star took in order to raise her son, Angelo Konecki. It has enjoyed record sales, surpassing the record for most first-week sales of any song, although this may also be due to the fact that music is now widely available for download on the Internet. Adele’s prowess has yet to heed as her album was at the top of many charts in the end of 2015.

The album is beautiful, featuring many heartfelt songs as one would expect from Adele.  From the popular “Hello” to “Remedy,” the album features slow songs with powerful vocals and telling messages. Adele opened her heart in “Remedy,” which was the first song she wrote that ended her period of writer’s block, according to Adele.

“I really enjoyed ‘When We Were Young,” said Mary Decker, 12. “Adele’s voice was so powerful and soulfull.”

My personal favorite of the album was “When We Were Young.” Adele crafted this song with a certain subtlety, yet the lyrics spoke volumes, conjuring images and sentiments of nostalgia from prior relationships.  Her soulful voice lulls the listener with beautiful lyrical phrases that cannot be ignored in Adele’s lyric-centered work. Her backup singers provided support during appropriate times in the song, pulling it together and making it seem complete. It is the kind of song where you just sit and soak in the music, listening silently, without a care in the world.

I cannot pick out a major negative point for the album. As a whole, it was a very soulful work, and I could feel Adele’s personality and experiences shining through the work and her carefully crafted lyrics. The album is near perfection, and I would award it 4.5 out of 5 stars.