Idioms on parade

Story by: Maggie Brown, News/Copy Editor
Photos provided by: Mrs. Stindle

idiom parade

An annual tradition, this year’s Idiom Parade was a success yet again. Mrs. Stindle’s English 10 Honors class put on a great parade with idioms such as “walking on sunshine,” “a little under the weather,” “a brush with death,” “don’t count your chickens before they hatch,” and “putting all your eggs in one basket”. This is the third year of the Idiom Parade, and it is fun for all involved.

The English 10H class members all choose an idiom and create a costume in attempts to personify that idiom. The classes that observe try to interpret the costumes as the students walk by.

“I wanted to find a creative way to make sure the students understood the Idioms we’ve been learning about all year,” said Mrs. Stindle, “and I think it’s pretty fun.”

idiom 2The parade was a break from the norm and a fun way to learn outside of the everyday classroom setting.

“It was awkward to have everyone staring at me,” said Amanda Aguado, 10, “But it was still a really cool experience.” Amanda portrayed the idiom “a piece of cake” in this year’s parade.