Pumpkin flavored pedophilia

Story by: Maggie Brown, News/Copy Editor
Photos by: Caty McGovern, staff photographer

Male ringmaster

Incredibly popular coming-of-age movie “Mean Girls” said it best.

“Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.”

Female ring master

Whether you agree with revealing costumes or not, you will see them everywhere you go this Halloween. Sexy nurse, sexy witch, sexy devil, sexy baked potato, you name it. And while I have absolutely no problem with however women choose to dress themselves, something must be said about the choices available for women.

If you are confident enough to dress in nothing but underwear and animal ears, more power to you. But if you want to be a mouse and keep your midriff covered, that should be an option as well. As you look at costumes for young boys, you notice that they are cute, accurate representations of the animal or character they are intended to be.  As you look further at the costumes targeted for teen boys, and then even further to grown men, the level of coverage and accuracy remains generally the same.

Female skeletonIf you look at the costumes marketed towards girls, however, you will find that even costumes marketed towards very small girls are more revealing, focused less on the accuracy of character portrayal and more on the sex appeal of whoever is wearing it. Giving a small boy an accurate costume and a small girl a tutu and striped tights is, quite frankly, mildly pedophilic and disgusting. This is my problem with the sexualization of Halloween costumes. Girls should be given the same opportunity to dress as a simple witch at the ages of 5, 15 and 25, and not have to make their own costumes if they do not want to be mistaken for festive street walkers.

It is sexist and wrong to provide nothing but a black bra and miniskirt, Male skeletonthrow in some garters and a pointy hat, and call it a witch costume while simultaneously providing one of those really cool starry robes and beard for a person of the same age who wishes to be a warlock. Forcing little girls to choose between homemade costumes and whatever pumpkin flavored pedophilic propaganda that is gracing our shelves this year is so obviously wrong I am having trouble fathoming how it is still being permitted to occur.

So if you would like to be scantily clad this Halloween, by all means, go for it. But is it because it is what you want to do, or because you can not find a modest alternative?