International Women’s Day

Story by: Dakota Fisher

International Women’s Day is meant to be a day when women are recognized for their achievements without discrimination against nationality, ethnicity, culture, economic standing or political views. Of course it is wonderful to say that as March 4 has crept upon us  the entire population of the world slowly but surely begins to see women as equals, however, I am sure we know that is not true. While having an entire day dedicated to women is fantastic, it should not be necessary.

Although International Women’s Day is supposed to be a time of unity and solidarity, it seems to be exactly the opposite. Women in China face threats to their reproductive rights from the one-child policy, which institutionalizes forced abortion and sterilization. Women in the US are fighting for the opposite.

Although only 36 percent of the population is affected by the policy, and China is working to relax the policy, infanticide, the killing of children after birth, is a more wide-spread problem. The pro-abortion agenda pitts woman against woman and increases hostility within the female population because of misogynistic ideals and lack of knowledge.This ignorance hinders the growth of female empowerment and unity.

I am waiting for people to finally realize that women’s rights are quite simply human rights. Why do we have to have special days or months dedicated to a specific class of the human species? Having a day such as this just leads us to believe that every other day is “International Straight White Male Day.” But why?

“It leads us to believe that because we let it. Just because there is an International Women’s Day doesn’t mean that every other day isn’t. It’s like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day,” said Felicity Kratky, 10.

” Regardless of the day, you should appreciate your parents, just as you should women. It’s just a day chosen to try and appreciate women. Good intentions turned into a bad idea. The day doesn’t mean every other day is ‘International Straight White Man Day’. I believe everyone is equal, but people are turning a day of appreciation into another day of unequal rights.”

Women live in world where, yes, they should be appreciated every day and should get the recognition they deserve, however, they do not. Their achievements and advancements in every field are overlooked because of society’s view of women. One day out of 365 is not nearly enough recognition for women.

The fact that it is necessary for our society to feel the need to designate one day to recognize women for their amazing achievements sickens me. Why must there be a day set aside specifically to honor one group of people?

I am not saying that it is a bad thing that International Women’s Day is celebrated; however, I believe that setting aside an entire day in an attempt to prove that women are in fact equal to men, shows are that they are not.