ISIS update

Story by: Claire Dorsch, staff writer

When a terrorist group threatens the identity of America, the country is on its ear to find out more about these individuals trying to sabotage America’s integrity and peace.

ISIS was formed from a brutal al Qaeda faction, and little was known about the group until 2007. Now they are a bigger threat than anyone could have imagined. A few videos have been made showing gruesome beheadings and unimaginably painful burnings, all taken by ISIS members and uploaded onto various websites, then released to the media. Though primarily focused on the takeover in Iraq, they have executed four American citizens.

Just recently, teenagers suspected of attempting to join the terrorist group were stopped at an Australian airport. The brothers had return tickets to a dangerous zone in the Middle East. They were stopped and returned to the custody of their parents.

America is on it’s toes, desperate for the next tidbit of news concerning the high risk group and the mysterious Jihadi John, a figure for the ISIS cause. Hopefully one day America can rest peacefully knowing ISIS has been eradicated, but until then, America is taking it as it comes.