Littering at MV

Story by: Allison Yoder, staff writer
Photo by: Caty McGovern, staff photographer


There is no denying that Mt. Vernon is a beautiful school. It stays this way thanks almost entirely to the work of the custodial staff. But what happens when students disrespect the janitors, either verbally or by blatant littering? Unfortunately, nothing. This happens frequently at MV, and we need to put a stop to it. Being rude and tossing trash wherever is unacceptable, especially at an “A” school like Mt. Vernon.

Students and staff are thoughtful on the matter.

“I personally pick up after myself and feel bad if I litter,” said Sammi Henderson, 9. “The custodians are very nice and when my church came here for a volunteer type of thing, the custodians even helped when they didn’t have to and weren’t asked,”

Other students were just angry about the thought of disrespect to a helpful hand at school.

“I think this is really rude. Janitors are one of the reasons our school runs the way it does, and they deserve respect,” stated Cleo Mills, 9.

With similar opinions on the matter, students and staff agree that the janitors help keep our school in beautiful shape.

Art teacher, Mrs. Hurst, has strong feelings on the matter.

“To me, the custodian that cleans up my room is one of the most important people of my day. The fact that they all already work so hard, it actually makes me mad for them when students leave unnecessary messes, especially with what’s been going on in the bathrooms.”

There are simple solutions to this issue. Just clean up after yourself, or if you see someone leave a piece of trash behind, please just pick it up. Whether it be in the classroom or after lunch, it’s not that tough to pick up a few pieces of trash a day.

“How does all of this make me feel? To sum it up it makes me feel sad,” said MV head custodian Mr. Douglass. “Why has all of this changed and sunk to such a low level? Is it asking too much for a student to automatically pick up their own trash or if gum falls out of their mouth to pick it up and discard it properly? There are many trash containers spread throughout the building. Many students use them and many don’t.”

A good idea would be if you see a custodian in the hall, thank them for helping out at school. They do so much every day, and the fact that they barely get a thanks is upsetting. A simple thank you takes just a second, and can make their day much better.

Yes, it may be their job to clean up the school, but custodians shouldn’t have to clean up after each individual student as well. If you see someone litter, it’s a good idea to pick it up, but saying something to them helps to solve another possible trash issue later on. Looking around and doing a few simple tasks at school can save custodians so much trouble, and that shows that you care.