Country is the new rap

Story by: Baylie Clevenger, Features and Photography editor
Photos by: Baylie Clevenger, Features and Photography editor

country-rap cds

In the last few decades, rap music has become a popular genre. Not only has it been wildly popular, but also controversial. The curse words,drug and alcohol references, and degradation of other people have raised question about the genre. This extends not only to popular rap songs on the radio, but also to places as simple as a personal Soundcloud, a website which allows people to post their own music.

I in no way believe that any genre should be excused from the backlash created by racy or degrading lyrics, and  there is another genre that is frequently overlooked for the same degradation of both women and people in general:  country music.

At first the idea that country music is just as inappropriate as rap sounds crazy, but these lyrics are nearly the same, the main difference is the background music. Country has guitar and banjo and drums, whereas rap has lots of bass and music made on a sound board rather than with actual instruments.

I fail to understand why Luke Bryan singing “Country girl shake it for me” is any different than Jason Derulo singing “Talk dirty to me.”

Another thing I fail to understand is why it is okay for Jason Aldean to sing “Smoke rollin’ out the window/An ice cold beer sittin’ in the console” is accepted as appropriate. It is a widely known fact that having open alcohol containers in a vehicle while driving is illegal, this activity is mentioned in these lyrics. Meanwhile when 2 Chainz sings “Wake up in the morning, roll a blunt and then I count bank/Pull out the garage, hit a button then the top faint,” it is seen as inappropriate.

“It seems that the only difference is the fact that there is a fiddle, or other instruments in the  in the background of country music,” said  Hailey Patton, 11.

Society should not be excusing explicit messages for some people but not others. I do not see why explicit messages about drugs, partying, and the objectification of women are excused for one genre, but not the other. If one genre is held in contempt for racy lyrics and negative messages, the other should be as well.