Say hello to the O Hellos

Story by: Claire Dorsch, Features Editor

Say hello to The Oh Hellos, my new favorite folk band.

Born and raised in southern Texas, sibling duo Maggie and Tyler Heath started their musical career in a cluttered bedroom, and it has all been uphill from there.

Their newest album, “Dear Wormwood,” starts out with the track “Prelude,” which only lasts about a minute and is a great introduction to the album. It sets the tone for the amazing harmonies that are in the album.

“Thus Always to Tyrants” has a lot of strong vocals from Tyler and is honestly tied for my favorite song in the whole album, rivaled by “Dear Wormwood.” My favorite lyric in the whole album is “I know who you are now,” and it just brings out a lot of different emotions for me.

Every song has it’s own tune and doesn’t have the same sound like other folk artists’ albums.

“Bitter Water” reminds me of Phillip Phillips because both artists use guitar generously in their music. It is upbeat and the lyrics remind of Helena’s love for Demetrius in Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” because the lyrics talk of being in love with someone, knowing it is impossible, and them not feeling the same way.

There is a lot of focus on the instrumental aspect of the album, and it makes it just that much better because the would-be awkward moments between lyrics just make my heart blow up like a balloon with the almost overwhelming music.

Each song is unique, short, and sweet. Folk music isn’t for everyone, but I would recommend this album to anyone who loves this genre with such meaningful lyrics and soaring duets.