MV Guard shows their stuff

Story by: Samuel Jobe
Photo by: Samuel Jobe

guard pics

There are many misconceptions about what is considered a sport. Many people believe that they have to lift weights, have a score, or even a big school turnout to be a sport. But what makes a sport is teamwork, a love for the activity, and a passion for what you do.

“Winter guard is a family. Yea it maybe rough from time to time, but I wouldn’t change it for the world,” said Emily Frost, 11. ¨I love the sport and the people.”

Over the years the guard has gained in popularity, not just in growing numbers, but in gender differentiation as well. In the past three years gender diversity has grown from having no men to this most recent year having  two. Considering that there is such a large gender gap in almost twenty people, some may worry that there maybe gender discrimination amongst the members because it is such a female dominated sport.

However, according to Evan Schacher 12, that is not the case.

I’m actually really good friends with all of the guard members and we all are basically a big family,” he said.

guard 2Some may not consider color guard a sport because of how intricate it is and the nature of how complicated the performances can be. According to Shelbi Webb, 11, “Practices are intense and a major workout.”

Webb continued, “We run sprints, stretch, plank, and work on upper body strength so we can carry people if we need to and be able to toss sabers and flags.”

Each season of the winter guard has a certain theme and this year’s is Painting Outside the Lines which is about how it is okay to not fit into a mold somebody has tried to put someone in and that it is okay to be oneself no matter what anybody else thinks.

Over the past three years, the MVHS winter guard has taken 24th, 17th, and 11th place in state and last year they even made it to finals. Throughout the years, the guard has expanded in size, gender differentiation, and has grown to not just be an intense sport but a family as well.