MV mentors

Story by: Hannah Warfel, staff writer
Photo by: Samuel Jobe, staff photographer


Freshman year in high school can be frightening. No one can find their lockers, classes suddenly get more difficult, and the upperclassmen are intimidating. But every year with the new freshmen come a group of upperclassmen who are ready to help. These kids are the Mt. Vernon mentors, and they do their best to make a difference for those who are starting their high school journey at Mt. Vernon.

Before school starts, in July, the mentors and the new freshman class show up at the school for Freshman Kick-Off, a day of games, singing, and making new friends. The mentors even show the Freshmen the classes and lockers they will have that year.

“It helped because I didn’t know where any of my classes where,” said Makayla Plain, 9, who had just moved to Mt. Vernon and was able to go to the last Freshman Kick-Off.

While at Freshman Kick-Off, many of the Freshman find new friends as well as classes. Makayla said, “I met my best friend Lily there.”

The Kick-Off is all about helping the new freshmen make their way into high school with the aid of those who were standing in their shoes in the years before.