Warped Tour heading for Indy

Story by: Compiled by staff

On July 19, 2016 the Vans Warped Tour will make a stop at Klipsch Music Center. Headliners this year include Falling in Reverse, Good Charlotte, Less Than Jake, New Found Glory, Sum 41, Yellowcard and Sleeping with Sirens.

For more information on the Vans Warped Tour, check out the official tour site.

To see what other tours will be at Klipsch, check out Live Nation’s concert schedule.


The Adventures of Dog Leg: May the 4th be with you

Photos by: Hannah Warfel, staff photographer

Star Wars

Just this past weekend, in our very own galaxy, Dog Leg got to visit the East Hamilton Public Library to celebrate the glory that is Star Wars.

Star Wars trash

Not only did Dog Leg get a picture with BB8 and Rey, but also had a slight accident involving the infamous trash compactor. Thankfully Dog Leg used the Force and got out alive.

“Hardcore Henry” is hardcore

Story by: Blake Slunaker, staff writer

The movie “Hardcore Henry,” released on April 8,  is an action movie thriller that uses new GoPro technology to shoot it in first-person point-of-view.

The runtime of the movie is about 95 minutes long and I was intrigued every minute of it. I would not say that I exactly enjoyed every minute, but it definitely kept my interest and was very thrilling.

I enjoyed the first-person view as it gave a fresh and interesting angle for an action movie that made me feel like they were right there doing the action.

However, the only problem with the first-person style shooting is it made the movie feel like every action video game ever made. I feel like the movie only kept my attention because of the way it was shot. The story was very cliché and uninspiring. It had the typical bad guys that Henry was able to slash through no problem and it just did not feel real to me.

The lack of dialogue in the movie made it very hard to follow as well making whatever type of story they were aiming for hard to keep up with.

“I thought it was cool and interesting to see a movie like that from a first-person point-of-view, I just wish the story was a bit easier to keep up with,” said Cameron Huff, 12.

Although the movie had its mistakes, it was still a very compelling movie. The action was definitely top notch and really was the reason it peaked my interest. Overall, I liked the direction the movie was heading towards, but I feel like it is just not all the way there yet.

I give it three out of five stars.

Trump on abortion

Story by: Emme Longman, staff writer

Donald Trump recently stated that his view on abortion is if it becomes illegal, then the women who have one should “have some sort of punishment.”

What kind of punishment would he inflict on women?

“I think it is wrong; I think it’s absurd that women should be punished for wanting or getting an abortion,” said Cody Smitley, 10.

Politicians should have no say in what and what not a woman choses to do with her life.

Would we want to elect a person that is over controlling and thinks that he knows what is best for everyone?

Trump has clearly stated that he is very pro-life and hates abortion, but has a hard time explaining his stance, which has changed very drastically within the last decade. On October 24, 1999, Trump stated, “I’m very pro-choice. I hate the concept of abortion. I hate it. I hate everything it stands for. I cringe when I listen to people debating about the subject. But you still – I just believe in choice.”

 Is it possible that he changed his stance to get more attention drawn onto him, or did he change it for his supporters? Trump’s seemingly constant change in opinion just furthers the belief that he is undependable and it is nearly impossible to believe anything .

What happened to his past thinking? Changing his stance suggests that he is willing to change his opinion to make his supporters happy, and changing for the people is something that can be seen as a positive quality or a very negative and unreliable quality.

His claim is that he is pro-life with “caveats-life of a mother, incest, or rape.” If the woman who is trying to get an abortion is raped, then she should not be denied the right to have one. But he could then deny the right to a poor high school kid that made a mistake and is not ready or have the funds to mother a child? That is just plain not fair. Picking and choosing who can and cannot have an abortion is the real problem. It is social injustice, and separates people into the worthy and the unworthy.

His opinion can be easily swayed and changed to please the people, but how does he really feel? Maybe one day in the distant future he will be able to make up his mind and tell everyone his true stance, or maybe he will just drop out.

Band hits a golden chord

Story by: Carly McWilliams, staff writer
Photos by: Jennifer McGowen, staff photography

Band pic 1.jpg

The Mt. Vernon High School band traveled to Pendleton Heights High School for the ISSMA Senior High School Organizational Festival on April 22, 2016.

ISSMA, the Indiana State School Music Association, has been hosting competitions and festivals for school bands, orchestras, choirs, and ensembles since 1981.

The band performed three pieces, “High School Cadets,” “Variations on a Korean Folk Song,” and “Heaven’s Light.” Band members were also required to perform a sight reading of a piece of music they had never practiced before. Overall, they received a gold rating for both their performance and sight reading.

“I think we have worked hard as an ensemble and our hard work paid off,” said Emma Flick, 10.

There are still opportunities to see the Mt. Vernon Band perform: they will be playing at the Extravaganza concert, held on May 13th and 14th at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. The concert also features the jazz band, 8th grade band, and a steel pan ensemble.

band pic 2.jpg

Upcoming Events

Monday, May 9th
-Boys’ Golf vs. Rushville @5:30
-Girls’ Tennis at New Palestine @4:30
-Varsity Baseball vs. Connersville @5:30
-JV/Varsity Softball v. New Palestine @5:30

Tuesday, May 10th
-Varsity Baseball at Brebeuf @6:00
-JV Softball vs. Shenandoah @5:30
-Varsity Softball @Shenandoah @5:30
-Girls’ Track & Field. HHC @5:30

Wednesday, May 11th
-Boys’ Golf at Fishers @4:30
-Girls’ Tennis at New Castle @4:30
-JV Baseball at Frankton @5:30
-JV/Varsity Softball v. Lawrence @5:30

Thursday, May 12th
-Boys’ Track & Field, HHC @5:30


MV mentors

Story by: Hannah Warfel, staff writer
Photo by: Samuel Jobe, staff photographer


Freshman year in high school can be frightening. No one can find their lockers, classes suddenly get more difficult, and the upperclassmen are intimidating. But every year with the new freshmen come a group of upperclassmen who are ready to help. These kids are the Mt. Vernon mentors, and they do their best to make a difference for those who are starting their high school journey at Mt. Vernon.

Before school starts, in July, the mentors and the new freshman class show up at the school for Freshman Kick-Off, a day of games, singing, and making new friends. The mentors even show the Freshmen the classes and lockers they will have that year.

“It helped because I didn’t know where any of my classes where,” said Makayla Plain, 9, who had just moved to Mt. Vernon and was able to go to the last Freshman Kick-Off.

While at Freshman Kick-Off, many of the Freshman find new friends as well as classes. Makayla said, “I met my best friend Lily there.”

The Kick-Off is all about helping the new freshmen make their way into high school with the aid of those who were standing in their shoes in the years before.

The Adventures of Dog Leg: Bake sale and a musical

Photos by: Claire Dorsch, Features Editor

Dog Leg at the bake sale.jpg

Dog Leg had a busy weekend. First there was the Best Buddies 3V3 tournament where Dog Leg helped the newspaper staff sell baked treats.

Dog Leg at Seussical

Later, Dog Leg headed to Ten West to catch a sold-out production of Seussical, the Musical. Dog Leg thought the performance was delightful.