The wonderful members of Mt. Vernon

Story by: Sydney Shurman, Reviews Editor
Photo by: Sameul Jobe, staff photographer

new teachers.jpg

Mt. Vernon has many amazing, highly-skilled staff and faculty members who go out of their way to provide a great education and learning environment for students. However, some may not be as well known as others.

Working in a high school is no easy task, so it is important to shed some light and recognition on the newer or lesser-known members of MVHS.

The technology department is a very specific part of our school because it caters to a particular group of students and does not include any required classes. Mrs. Bravard-Johnson does some truly amazing projects with her students that are engaging and personal. Some projects include programming robots, superhero website assignments, and animated music videos. The overall favorite seems to be the Commencement Program, which is also referred to as senior memory books. They are essentially what the name implies: scrapbooks full of seniors’ favorite memories and photos.

“Since each year this project reached not just every Mt. Vernon graduate, but impacted their families as well, it is difficult to not call it the most loved project,” said Mrs. Bravard-Johnson.

Aside from teachers, there are other staff members at Mt. Vernon who are not usually recognized, like the custodians. They work behind the scenes to keep the school clean and running, which is one of the most important jobs. Since the custodians are not often visible, many students are likely to forget about all of the hard work they do, and it is important to give them the credit they deserve.

“I’ve been helping for a while here,” said Crystal Doll, a substitute custodian. “My favorite part is mopping the floors and taking the trash out. We use a technique where we put a hole in the trash bag to prevent it from bubbling. I live close by, so I always love coming here when I get the chance.”

A new addition this year is Ms. Naum. She works in the guidance department as an intern. Ms. Naum has been especially helpful to seniors, sending out emails and taking care of important college-related duties like scholarships. With graduation approaching, this is an imperative role in seniors’ lives, and she always does her job with a smile.

Every staff member puts in far more effort than the average student sees, so taking the time to show appreciation is important. The amazing members of our school deserve all the credit they receive and more.