Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil review

Story by: Stephani McDole, staff writer

On February 7, a beautiful concert took place at the Old National Center in downtown Indy: The Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil concert.

The two bands have been touring together for their Rockstar Energy Drink tour, alternating as headliners. At this particular show, Sleeping with Sirens headlined.

Before the two better known bands hit the stage, two other bands opened up. The first band, Mallory Knox, got the crowd pumped. Personally, I did not know of the band until that night, so every word they said sounded like verbalized mashed potatoes. However, they still sounded swell.

The second opening act, Pvris, swept me away. They had a female lead singer, which is rare in the pop-punk world. The crowd had mixed reactions to the band, despite the amazing vocals. I would have listened to that band all night. That girl knew how to perform.

After a long wait, Pierce the Veil took the stage. The crowd went crazy for them. Lights flashed, the bass rang through the air nonstop, and to top it all off, the band members kept throwing picks and drum sticks into the crowd. This is when the pushing and shoving became a battle amongst the fans. Everyone fought to get to the front, which made it really hard to record anything, or even enjoy the music.

Once the crowd settled down, the show became easier to spectate. The band cleared the stage and the lead singer, Victor Fuentes, sang an acoustic version of their song “I’m Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket.” It was a nice break from the intense sound.

Before Sleeping with Sirens took over, the lead singer, Kellin Quinn, joined Pierce the Veil to perform a song he is featured in, “King for a Day.” It was one of my favorite songs to watch them perform because Quinn and Fuentes work so well together on stage.

By the time Sleeping with Sirens finally took the stage, I had made it to the front of the crowd. Once the band began playing, I was mesmerized. The whole band knew how to rock the stage and blew me away.

After a few of their ear-ringing jams, the band also took a break with an acoustic cover of the Goo Goo Dolls song, “Iris.” Phone lights waved in the air like lighters and the whole crowd seemed to be singing along.

Overall, the concert was perfect. The lights, the sound, the people, despite the body odor and mosh pits everywhere. My ears rang for three days after, and I’d have to say it was totally worth all the bruises.