“Seussical, the Musical”

Story by: Allison Yoder, staff writer
Photos by: Caty McGovern, staff photographer

Seussical 1

“Seussical the Musical” is a fun tale that centers around JoJo, a creative child, and the Cat and the Hat. They run into a great deal of other characters, making this a Dr. Seuss overload, hence the name.

This musical production, which will be put on by Ten West, features students

from around the community, including some from Mt. Vernon High School.

Director Ryan Dockery, 12, loves being the director because he likes the fact that everyone comes to him with different issues, and he can help them however possible.

Seussical 2“Although I’m not a performer myself, I love the organizing component of it all,” Dockery said, smiling as he begins his rehearsal.

The cast all jumped in when asked how to describe Seussical, with ideas such as whimsical, unique, and especially imaginative. The entire group is full of energy and overall agree Seussical is a great event.

“My favorite thing about Seussical the Musical is that it is so imaginative. It really gives you the chance to be creative as a performer,” said cast member Cody Smitley, 10, who is playing the role of The Grinch, a Hunch, and a Who.

MV Students in the Cast Include-

Tatum Barton: Mayzie LaBird
Kraig Hancock: Yertle the Turtle, Max the Dog
Rylee Henson: Gertrude McFuzz
Colton Jones: Wickersham Brother
Felicity Krakty: Sour Kangaroo
Skylar Mayes: General Gengus Khan Schmitz
Caty McGovern: Cadet, Who
Jacob Owens: Jungle Creature, Fish
Leah Peters: Bird Girl, Fish, Jungle Creature
Lauren Pilkington: Circus Performer, Who, Hunch
Justin Reich: Wickersham Brother, Hunch
Stephen Shilling: Circus Performer, Who
Cody Smitley: The Grinch, Hunch, Who
Chelsea Theobald: The Mayor’s Wife
Daniel Watson: Who, Circus Performer
Elijah Williams: Wickersham Brother

“Grease” is the word

Story by: Shelby Caldwell, staff writer

Random, wacky, and entertaining, the musical “Grease” has captivated audiences for decades with its timeless high school love story. This classic show came to the live stage in the small town of Fortville in March. Ten West Community Theater took on the task of bringing this show to life.

The musical took place on March 26 through the 28 and each performance was sold out. After several appearances in the local newspaper, the word “Grease” spread like wildfire.

The show was a great opportunity for the community of Fortville and the surrounding area to get together for a night full of laughter. The venue is only five minutes away from the school so the audience was filled with several Mt. Vernon students.

Audience member Ally Stanfield, 12 said, “I loved seeing the stage version of a show I’ve grown up watching. Watching all of my friends shining up on that stage-it was beyond great. I loved the cast, the music, and the show altogether.”

The show featured many Mt. Vernon students who worked very hard to make the show possible. The leading roles Sandy and Danny were played by Ashley Fritz, 11 and Jake McCarty, 12. The show also featured Stephani McDole, 12, as Rizzo and Derek Bond, 12, as Kenickie.

Rylie Gendron, 11, who played Frenchie said, “I loved being a part of a cast that was so passionate and dedicated to the show. It was an honor to perform in such an iconic show as a well-known character. The experience overall was extremely rewarding and magical.”

The show featured all of the classic songs from the film version like “We Go Together” and “You’re the One that I Want,” but also added a  few new songs to contribute to the character of some of the more minor roles. Nearly everyone in the show had their moment to shine.

If you missed the show, do not fret, Ten West has plans for more musicals in the future, including a possible summer show.