Prices raising for the holidays

Story by: Ashley Offenbach, staff writer
Photos by: Ashley Offenbach, staff writer



Starting on Black Friday, a day where people crowd the street for deals, prices for products change dramatically. The day after Thanksgiving, for one day, prices are at the lowest, then they skyrocket.

December is when most people get their holiday shopping done. There is most likely not many people in October or even most of November shopping for holiday gifts. It all starts after Black Friday. Stores are crowded, lines stretch to the back of the store to get family and friends the best gift cards or the newest device that just came out.

Stores see this as a time to get customers to spend a lot of money on products. Stores raise prices as it gets closer to Christmas because people buying gifts very close to the holidays will sometimes be willing to pay more just to get what they want.

Why are the prices during eleven out of the twelve months lower, while the last month of the year has insane prices? Because the company knows the customer will buy them for gifts, if they are last-minute shopping close to the holidays.

Stores put their Christmas trees out as soon as Halloween ends with what they claim are amazing deals. Some people think this is too early, but are willing to the price. Others want the deal, and they want it quick.

Taylor Bragdon, 12, said, “They make special deals so that you buy more so you spend as much, if not more, than you normally would. I personally feel like it is better to start Christmas shopping earlier like during all the semiannual sales in July so you aren’t tempted to buy as much but still get a good deal.¨

The prices for anything, especially if it is holiday related, such as trees, ornaments, or lights, are going to be significantly cheaper in November than in December.

So it is time to think about when buying holiday gifts are more convenient, November or December, so customers are saving money, or the stores should just keep their prices at a reasonable price through the holidays.