Mudslinging at its finest

Story by: Sydney Blankenship, staff writer
Photo of Cruz by: Sydney Blankenship, staff writer
Photo of sign by: Amanda Wiggins, staff photographer

Ted Cruz

On March 31, 2016, a video appeared in the “What’s Hot” section on Youtube of Ted Cruz on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. The clip of the interview was definitely funny. While I am not a fan of Ted Cruz myself, the words he had to say about Donald Trump did have me chuckling.

Cruz said that if he sees Trump in his rearview mirror while backing up, he would not know which pedal to press. His joke, although funny, showed how brutal the run for presidency is. I have not been following politics as much as I should be, but it seems to me that they are insulting each other more than talking about actual issues that need to be fixed. No matter what they say though, someone will think they are wrong. Everyone believes their opinion or method is right.

I do give credit to all of them. It takes serious guts and determination to run for the presidency. They have to deal with people not liking them and attacking everyone they know. But it is another thing when the attacking comes from the candidates, or, at least, Donald Trump. He has been attacking not only Cruz’s policies, which is normal, but also his family.

trump signTrump was not meant to be a politician. He should have just stayed on “The Apprentice,” complaining about how he only had a small loan of a million dollars.

Then, there is John Kasich, who only has one percent of the votes, sitting in the background in his own little world trying to get more voters.

Now I do not necessarily know what is going on in the Democratic side of politics, mainly because my parents love talking about Cruz. It seems like there is a good debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. There has been drama and mudslinging, do not get me wrong, but I feel as though the only super interesting thing that happened was the bird that flew up to Sanders, dubbing him Birdie Sanders. They are not as cutthroat as the Republicans, or, should I say, Donald Trump.

Overall, the competition is brutal on the Republican side. The closer we are to the end of the election, the more cutthroat it will be. In my opinion, whoever the president is will probably send people running and scream, demanding that they are correct. There is no winning here, only losing.

Trump on abortion

Story by: Emme Longman, staff writer

Donald Trump recently stated that his view on abortion is if it becomes illegal, then the women who have one should “have some sort of punishment.”

What kind of punishment would he inflict on women?

“I think it is wrong; I think it’s absurd that women should be punished for wanting or getting an abortion,” said Cody Smitley, 10.

Politicians should have no say in what and what not a woman choses to do with her life.

Would we want to elect a person that is over controlling and thinks that he knows what is best for everyone?

Trump has clearly stated that he is very pro-life and hates abortion, but has a hard time explaining his stance, which has changed very drastically within the last decade. On October 24, 1999, Trump stated, “I’m very pro-choice. I hate the concept of abortion. I hate it. I hate everything it stands for. I cringe when I listen to people debating about the subject. But you still – I just believe in choice.”

 Is it possible that he changed his stance to get more attention drawn onto him, or did he change it for his supporters? Trump’s seemingly constant change in opinion just furthers the belief that he is undependable and it is nearly impossible to believe anything .

What happened to his past thinking? Changing his stance suggests that he is willing to change his opinion to make his supporters happy, and changing for the people is something that can be seen as a positive quality or a very negative and unreliable quality.

His claim is that he is pro-life with “caveats-life of a mother, incest, or rape.” If the woman who is trying to get an abortion is raped, then she should not be denied the right to have one. But he could then deny the right to a poor high school kid that made a mistake and is not ready or have the funds to mother a child? That is just plain not fair. Picking and choosing who can and cannot have an abortion is the real problem. It is social injustice, and separates people into the worthy and the unworthy.

His opinion can be easily swayed and changed to please the people, but how does he really feel? Maybe one day in the distant future he will be able to make up his mind and tell everyone his true stance, or maybe he will just drop out.